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Ceremony of New School Year 2018-2019

In the school opening atmosphere of new school year across Vietnam, on September 05, 2018 Scavi kindergarten successfully organized the Ceremony for the New School year 2018-2019. Hopefully, all students will have plenty of new and exciting experiences in the second school year.

New School Year 2018-2019 Ceremony

Attending the ceremony were leaders from Hue Province and local authorities:

  • On behalf of Hue Province DOET: Ms Ngo Thi Hanh - Head of Preschool Department and experts.
  • On behalf of Phong Dien DoET: Ms. Dang Thi Thu Huong - Deputy Director of Education
  • On behalf of leaders of Phong Hien commune: Mr. Truong Dien Hung - Chairman of People's Council of Phong Hien commune and Mr. Hoang Ngoc Trung - Vice chairman of Phong Hien commune People's Committee.
  • On behalf of the Group: Ho Phan Minh Duc - Training Director of Corèle International Scavi
  • On behalf of Scavi Hue: Ms. Dang Thi Tuyet Nhung - Head of Administration - Human Resources
  • On behalf of Scavi kindergarten: Ms. Nguyen Tran Cam Thy - Principal and Ms. Truong Thi Khanh Uyen - Vice Principal
  • With the participation of the parents, all teachers - staff and students of Scavi Kindergarten.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Ms. Nguyen Tran Cam Thy emphasized the target that Scavi Kindergarten will be recognized as a national standard school in 2020.

Here are some pictures of the Ceremony of New School Year 2018-2019:


Gifts from Scavi Europe, Scavi Hue and Scavi Hue Trade Union

Flowers from Leaders of Phong Hien Commune and Hue Thanh Company

Ms. Nguyen Tran Cam Thy – Principal of Scavi Kindergarten gave a speech to welcome the new school year 2018- 2019.

Mr. Ho Phan Minh Duc- Training Director of Corèle International Scavi gave a speech.

Dance perfomance: “Giấc mơ trưa” – Pony (5-6 years old)

Dance perfomance: “Nhà mình rất vui” – Pigeon (4-5 years old)

Choral performance: “ Em yêu trường em” – Pony (5-6 years old)

All guests, school management and students released balloons. Wishing every kids’ dreams fly high and far away.