Chateau Forge du Roy 3

“Located in the south of France, the ancient castle Chateau Forge Du Roy is the Headquarters of Foundation B’Lao, as well as The Resourcing Center of Group Financière B'Lao (formerly Corèle International) and our partners. Especially, this is also where the International Award event takes place, once every 3 years, starting from 2022.

These awards will be given to exceptional innovations with global influence to lifetime education and training - what Foundation B’Lao has always been committing to. Any individual, corporations, institutions, and governmental entities are entitled to these awards, determined by a panel of internationally prestigious judges. These awards will promise an international reputation and values that no other organization could have provided before. Foundation B’Lao pioneers to encourage humanity's creativity in global connection for lifetime educational and training development, with the living value of responsibility to be remitted at the heart of the knowledge-know how. This is what Foundation B’Lao endeavors to achieve.”

Click here to see Foundation B’Lao’s Lifetime Education Program and watch the presentation of B'Lao Kindergarten in Phong Dien (Hue, Vietnam)