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Our ambition on the lifetime education


Our action on lifetime education aiming at transmitting and supporting the values in what ​​we believe within this knowledge, is part of an international dimension, based on the historical link between France and Vietnam, and enriched by the crossing of the occidental and oriental cultures.

France is historically the second largest bilateral donor to Vietnam after Japan, with nearly two billion euros of French Development Agency's (FDA) commitment  since 1994. The two countries signed on September 25th, 2013 a declaration of  the Strategic Partnership, which aims at enhancing the relationship in all areas of politic, defense, economy, culture and education. These topics are approached in a transversal manner, in the form of in-situ projects in public-private partnership, they lead to the production of the varied contents and know-how destined for the education throughout the long life. The foundation B'Lao is in discussion with FDA for FDA's participation in the development of Phong Dien-Hue's kindergarten, and in other future initiatives of the foundation in lifetime education.

Cynthia Fleury
Cynthia Fleury

"If I accepted to be the godmother of the foundation B'Lao, it was because Mr. Phu Tran Van's commitment seemed to me exemplary in terms of a business’s social responsibility: considering the business as a place of the permanent education is entirely within the capability approaches that I can defend as a philosophy teacher.

All our institutions must seize an educational ambition, in order to drive individuals more autonomous and the transformation agents of their individual and collective life. The creation of schools is at the heart of this strategy, but not only; other devices may also allow this very concrete articulation between the world of care and health, with the lifetime education, the food, the environment, etc.

The Foundation B'Lao, which carries this ambition in the lifetime education, controls itself the industrial B'Lao group, whose companies deploy this ambition in their respective region. This unique model perpetuates this vocation which will outlive Mr. Phu TRAN VAN "